Hansen Protection vacuum packed and factory sealed immersion suits can save you up to 30% of normal service costs!

SOLAS regulations require suits 10 years old or more must be serviced more frequently. Frequent servicing means more service charges and more transport costs - not to mention your logistics challenges!

Hansen Protection offers factory vacuum packing for most of our emergency immersion suits. Vacuum packing extends the life of the suits, saves space and ensures suits are always in perfect condition and ready for use.
Based on manufacturers recommendations vacuum packing lowers the mandatory service interval, simplifying service logistics, lowering costs and increasing safety and security.  See our Instruction for inspection and service of vacuum packed immersion and abandonment suits here (Click here)

For immersion suits without light

General service-interval for suits without emergency light packed in vacuum is 10 years**.
Suits without built-in buoyancy need separate lifejackets that have approved emergency light.
Examples: SeaPass and SeaEco emergency immersion suits.
Service intervalUp to 10 years10 years or more
Not vacuum packedMinimum every 3rd yearMore often than every 3rd year
Vacuum packed*10 yearsEvery 10th year, possibly more frequent**

For immersion suits with light

General service-interval for suits with emergency light packed in vacuum is 5 years**.
Suits with built-in buoyancy must be fitted with approved emergency light - and this light's battery expires within 5 years.
Examples: SeaEco+, SeaNordic, SeaArctic and E307 III emergency immersion suits.

Service intervalUp to 10 years10 years or more
Not vacuum packedMinimum every 3rd yearMore often than every 3rd year
Vacuum packed*5 yearsEvery 5th year, possibly more frequent**

*) Interval dependant on unbroken vacuum sealing

**) The Service Station will perform an individual evaluation of the suit's status; - whether it will be granted a full 5 or 10 year interval, reduced interval or rejected.

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