Helicopter passenger transport suits

Hansen Protection has delivered helicopter passenger suits for travelers on the Norwegian Continental Shelf since 1992. A number of versions of these suits have been launched, and today our unique SeaAir concept is used. SeaAir1 was developed in collaboration with operators, unions and users and was commissioned in 2007. The suit, which was awarded the Award for Excellent Design by the Norwegian Design Council, is packed with functionality and is the first integrated transport suit with EASA ETSO approval. Integrated suit means that it has all safety features built in, such as sprayhood, buoyancy, lifting strap, emergency light, emergency breathing system, buddy line with hook and PLB. SeaAir has been developed with the toughest conditions in the North Sea in mind, including extra thermal protection in relation to the minimum requirements for aviation. Our suit provides six hours of thermal protection in water temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius, and is thus also approved according to Sola's LSA code as an insulated immersion suit. Therefore, the suit can also be used as an evacuation suit on board the installation. To meet the requirements for self-righting on board the MODU's, one can easily mount a self-righting unit on the suit.

In connection with the launch of the oil activity in the Barents Sea, the next generation of suit was developed, with even better thermal protection of hands and feet, and that some functional details were improved. The suit was named SeaAir Barents. Examples of improvements are better visibility, glove orientation lights, buddy hook with better grip and simplified assembly and attachment of sprayhood. The suit was originally put into use from Hammerfest, and later also from Sakhalin Island in Russia.

The third generation of SeaAir, SeaAir Barents 2, was developed in conjunction with a bid on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and as a preparation for the requirement for the use of compressed air emergency breathing system. SeaAir Barents 2 can be easily modified to switch from re-breather to inserting our compressed air EBS system, SeaAir EBS.

The SeaAir family has also been further developed to include suits that can be used with a separate life jacket. We have chosen this concept to name SeaAir Europe (suits) and SeaLion Europe (lifejackets). These suits and lifejackets are compatibility tested and approved according to EASA ETSO regulations. The suits are lightweight, breathable and have zip-in / zip-out thermal lining. The lifejackets can be equipped with PLB and our SeaAir EBS approved by CAA-UK in accordance with CAP 1034.

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