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Why work for Hansen Protection?

Hansen Protection is an exciting place to work, and there’s tremendous variety to be found. We have over 140 years of experience designing and manufacturing world-class textile-based product solutions. In our world, textiles and textile technology developments have been and are changing tremendously. Intelligent and technical textiles now form the basis for most of our products.

We can offer challenging and varied positions within product development and design, production, sales and purchasing. Our headquarters are in Moss, Norway. We also have departments in Bergen and Kristiansand in Norway, bringing the total number of employees in Norway to about 120. In addition, we have businesses in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Employees in focus

Our core values are “to show strength, security and warmth to our customers, suppliers and employees”. We are committed to a creating the best possible work environment for our employees and have established our own “rules of play” in this connection. We excel at living out these rules, and that’s what makes Hansen Protection such a great place to work.

Here you’ll find stimulating work, amicable colleagues, low boundaries and high ceilings. We are concerned with everyone’s well-being, no matter what role you play. Simply put, if you’re enjoying yourself, we think you’ll do a better job!

See our “rules of play” here

Hansen Protection søker Teknisk koordinator til utviklingsavdelingen i Moss

Vacancy Title: Technical coordinator

Deadline Soonest possible

Engagement Type: Permanent, Full Time

An Engineering Coordinator at Hansen Protection is expected to advice on sewing methods and create technical documentation to ensure consistent quality of HP products.

Hansen Protection develop their own products and have in-house production in addition to external production. Our products are produced according to certifications and quality systems which must be considered throughout the full life cycle, from design and production to maintenance of the products. You will be a part of the technical team which work close with the production to develop and enhance production methods.


Advice on technical solutions Build product structures. Calculate products cost based on BOM and production time Create production documents, technical drawings, and descriptions of design details for manufacturing purpose. Communication and technical link between Product Development and production, both in-house and with external manufacturers.

Education and Qualifications

Sewing-, production-, textile education at Bachelor level. Extensive work experience can make up for lack of formal education. Good working knowledge in spoken and written English


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Windows; Excel Word
  • Visma

Personal skills

Creative thinking and be able to see and be open for new possibilities. Good communication skills to share and receive knowledge and information. Confident, motivated and have the ability to have an overview of many details. structured planning documentation

About the employer

Hansen Protection, with headquarters in Moss, Norway has over 140 years of experience in design and production of textile products safeguarding people, property, and environment. We are a leading European supplier of immersion suits and protective rainwear used in harsh environments and cold-water areas, and a leading Scandinavian supplier of coated textile products for leisure marine- and various niche applications. Hansen Protection is owned by the Survitec Group.

Sector Privat

Place Tykkemyr, 1599 Moss

Industry Industry and production, Textiles

Funktion Design / Klær,Produksjon / Produksjonsteknikk/Prosessteknikk

Keywords Bekledning, tekstil, produksjon, tekniskunderlag, søm

Contact: Janka Henriksen, Product Development Leader, Phone: 488 96 976, E-mail:

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