Hansen Protections SeaAir Europe Crew concept is the market's most flexible suit offering for helicopter crews flying over the open sea. As a basis, a construction is adapted to the movement pattern on board, both for pilots and crew. Eg. The sleeves are mounted as a Y on the suit so you can lift your arms without having to pull the weight of the fabric around the torso. Choose from two types of outer fabrics, both breathable from GoreTex; - one with the highest flame retardant properties (Nomex) and the other with strength in focus, but still with FR properties in line with aviation requirements (Pazifik). In addition, you can choose between suits with separate neck seal and main zipper; and if you want the main zipper straight up the neck seal. For the separate neck seal you have the choice of standard and our unique adjustable solution that provides significantly increased comfort. Include that you can also choose between winter and summer lining that can easily be zipped in or out when needed. Furthermore, you can choose color, pocket solutions, boot gaitor with the option of knee pad, name tag and whether you want standard size or made to measure (MTM). Check out our options!

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