Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Hansen Protection will contribute to a better environment through active cooperation with customers and suppliers, by strengthening environmental awareness among employees, improving internal processes and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Environmental Goal​

Achieve improvements by actively contributing to compliance with the company's environmental policy.

This means that Hansen Protection will:

  • Develop products of the highest quality and greatest life expectancy to avoid unnecessary replacements and waste
  • Use packaging that is recyclable
  • Search for alternative raw materials that are documented to be environmentally friendly
  • Operate the business so that transport and travel are minimized
  • Use energy from renewable sources


No environmental disturbances have occurred or so far been reported. The company has agreements in place for recycling and reclaiming residual value from its operations. Recycling of cardboard boxes from subcontractors contributes to decrease in cardboard / paper waste. Recycling stations for paper, plastic, food and batteries are situated throughout the company.

Discarded immersion suits are delivered in significant quantities to a company which utilizes their residual value in the production of sporty designer bags.

The number of electric, rechargeable cars used by employees is on the increase. These have their own, specially adapted parking spots.

Social Responsibility

The company sponsors sports and cultural events in the Moss Region. Our strategy is to engage locally with contributions primarily directed at active youth and cultural activities that are visible to and can engage the entire local community.


The company has new, energy efficient premises. Heating utilizes a waterborne heating system connected to the district’s heating plant. The company has installed an electronic monitoring system to ensure efficient energy utilization.

Environmental Management​

Hansen Protection holds ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification.

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