Work suits w/o buoyancy

Work suits can be approved for use both with and without a lifejacket. If in doubt of whether you have to use a lifejacket with the suit or not, this is clearly stated in the instructions in the suit. Work suits approved in accordance with IMO / Solas' LSA Code gives a minimum of 12 cm freeboard water when used together with an approved lifejacket. Work suits can also be approved in accordance with ISO 15027. This latest standard has been developed for securing workers who have their work tasks in more coastal areas, or who are not covered by shipping rules. Some of our suits are approved according to both shipping and ISO regulations. In this case you are faced with making a choice between a lifejacket approved according to the ISO regulations or the LSA Code. The rules that apply to you also depend on the authorities' requirements and HSE policy in the company / organization in which you work. Some of our work suits are designed and used in environments that have specific requirements, which are not always compatible with certification standards. An example of this is SeaSwim MSAD, which is a very flexible concept that consists of the possibility of choosing between a number of different functional details and fabrics so that the suit can be adapted to the different needs of the users. Check out our option program for these suits.

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