Lifejackets and PFD's

Our work vests and lifejackets are carefully developed to function well both in daily work and in the event of an evacuation from a ship, installation or a helicopter. Depending on whether you are carrying out your daily work in the lifejacket or if you are only concerned with having rescue equipment available in case of an emergency, there are different models to be considered. The model range is spread from fixed buoyancy aids with 50N buoyancy to hybrid lifejackets with over 300N buoyancy. Here you will find vests for professional rescue-personnel in NSSR (Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue), technicians in the Norwegian Coast Guard and the Norwegian Navy. Our lifejackets are designed to work with our immersion suits, and are normally supplied as a kit for our customers. Within the oil and gas industry in the UK, there is a requirement that lifejackets should contribute to an unconscious person being turned face up in the water after a possible evacuation. Most of our Crewsaver 275N-class lifejackets approved in accordance with Solas-requirements are tested in combination with our SeaEco immersion suit; to meet the requirements of the HSE UK Mensafe Test Protocol - as one of few in the market.

Our inflatable lifejackets are offered with several variants of operating heads, but mainly UML, HR and Hammar. All are reliable mechanisms, but differ from each other in that UML and HR have an activation mechanism triggered by immersion in water, while Hammar has a sophisticated sensor that trigger opening of the CO₂-cylinder at a certain water pressure. UML and HR must be checked annually, while the Hammar mechanism normally has a lifetime of five years. We can adapt to your wishes.

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