Lifejackets for helicopter

Our helicopter lifejackets have been developed based on both the crew's and passengers' needs for safety, ergonomics and simplicity in daily use.

The Crewsaver HALO concept is now part of the helicopter lifejacket offering by Hansen Protection.

For our crew vests for crew and pilots, we have had a particular focus on designing flexible vests that are comfortable to wear and eliminate the risk of stress injuries. Examples are the construction with a support piece that distributes the weight, as well as the integration of emergency breathing systems with compressed air EBS. The EBS can be mounted flexibly on any side of the lobes, possibly also so that it rests against the seat and back of the helicopter seat. /p>

Our vests for passengers have been developed based on the same philosophy, with adjustability and comfort, as well as consideration for the emergency breathing system to be easily accessible on the chest in an emergency.

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