Thermal protective aids (TPA)

On passenger vessels, according to Solas' regulations, personal rescue equipment shall be stored aboard liferafts and - boats. These are called Thermal Protective Aid (TPA), and should at least be a simple bag or suit that is made of water-resistant material with low thermal conductivity or heat loss. Hansen Protections Ascotherm is one of the most successful TPA products on the market today. Designed to keep the survivors warm and protected from rain, wind and cold in life rafts and lifeboats. All Ascotherm TPAs are approved by Solas' LSA Code and Transport Canada as TPA’s, and some are also approved by US Coast Guard (USCG). For waterproofing, all seams are welded and 100% waterproof. The inside of the material is metal coated to reflect and maintain body heat. An approved life jacket must always be used in combination with a thermal protection aid. The Ascotherm TPA’s is compatible with IMO SOLAS Polar Code and is a natural part of GSK and PSK (Group Survival Kit and Personal Survival Kit).

For rescue and ambulance services, Hansen Protection has developed Ascomedic with the same fabric as in Ascotherm. The Ascomedic products are designed as long zippered bags that are easy to separate and close around the injured person in the field to preserve body heat. Ascomedic is often used with insulating layers. We are particularly proud of our MS Ascomedic, which has been developed in collaboration with Matt Skuse, who is the rescue operation manager of the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (NSSR). MS Ascomedic has a long divadable zipper with four sliders which makes it even easier to secure a good seal around the injured person. This product has a number of applications beyond the core rescue operations, you will find several tips if you take a closer look at the product below.

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