Hansen Protection sponsors the Salvation Army's project "Fresh Sailing" with clothing and lifejackets

Fresh Sailing is a sailing project for former drug addicts who have been through treatment. The project is run out of the Salvation Army's course centre in Moss, Norway, in collaboration with the Salvation Army's substance abuse care. 

Hansen Protection has previously sponsored the project with clothing and lifejackets for crews on several boats. On June 1, the Salvation Army purchased a Colin Archer ship, the Cathrine Booth II, inaugurated in Moss.

Former national team coach Jan Steven Johannesen, and sailing enthusiast, Knut Erlend Hjorth-Johansen, teams from various cities in Oslo and the surrounding area receive instruction in regatta sailing every week. Fresh Sailing aims to help people with intoxication and psychiatric backgrounds. Activities such as sailing can help participants continue a drug-free life.

The Hansen Protection team are pleased to support this project and wish the crew the best of luck.

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