Ice. Friend or froze?

Many people enjoy different activities on ice these days. Whether it's ice skating, skiing, or ice fishing (we’ve even seen ice kite surfing recently!), it's important to take some precautions.

Remember! There really is no such thing as 100% safe ice!

A set of ‘ice rules’ have been put together by the Norwegian Lifesaving Society, which is a must have checklist for anyone heading out on the ice.

1. Respect the ice.

2. Do not go out on ice if you cannot swim.

3. Remember proper and adequate safety equipment - you must have ice picks which are easily accessible.

4. Never go onto the ice alone. If a group of you are together, make sure you spread out and do not walk too close to each other.

5. Stay on safe ice.

6. Pay attention to snow-covered ice and seasonal changes.

7. Use all your senses, listen for sounds from the ice.

8. If you fall through the ice, try to relax and catch your breath, do not panic.

9. If someone you are with falls through the ice, keep your distance. Rescuing another person from ice can be dangerous. The safest way to perform a rescue is from shore.

Here are some equipment recommendations you should consider having with you on the ice.

• Phone in waterproof case.

• A personal flotation device (PDF) such as a buoyancy aid. A lifejacket can be useful, but it is important you do not use an inflatable option as it can make it difficult to get out of the water if you fall through the ice.

• Ice picks.

• Ice screw, axe or ice sticks to check the thickness of the ice.

• Throwline, minimum 10-15 meters.

• Spare warm clothes packed in a waterproof bag – just in case!

CLOTHING TOP TIP! Several layers of wool garments are recommended because it also insulates when wet.

Come home safely!

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