Kjetil puts SeaBreeze CTV suit to the test when fishing for halibut. He says that this suit is as easy to wear as a spacious coverall.

«The suit feels much lighter than expected. It is comfortable and spacious, and it does not feel like an obstacle in relation to the fact that there is a lot of bending and fast movements with changing directions of the body. This was my biggest worry, that the suit would limit my ability to move in relation to fishing. It does not in any way! I also felt that it actually gave me extra security on board, especially when the weather turned. It was a good feeling!

The temperature was 12 degrees C. When the sun comes up, it gets hot quickly, but this is easily regulated by opening the zipper.

So to what I really liked; During such sport fishing, the clothes tend to get a lot of fish residue / slime etc that settles in the clothes and gives off an odor. It was easy to rinse it all off the suit, every time I handled the fish! My wife thinks this is brilliant!”

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