SeaWork - one suit, five approvals

SeaWork is a unique work suit that meets the requirements to as many as three different suits types

Three suits in one - practical and gives good economy!

1) Uninsulated immersion suit

Approved for 1 hour use with life jacket

2) Insulated immersion suit

Approved for 6 hours use with lining and life jacket

3) AES-suit (Anti Exposure Suit)

Approved for use with lining, without life jacket

SeaWork has been developed in cooperation with users and is intended for maintenance work in exposed areas aboard ships and on offshore installations. Its ergonomic, modern construction makes the suit comfortable to work in.

SOLAS approvals in accordance with the LSA-Code:

  • 1.5a as uninsulated 1 hour suit in watertemp <5°C without lining
  • 1.6c as AES suit with lining
  • 1.5 as insulated 6 hour suit in watertemp <2°C with lining

ISO 15027 approvals as Constant Wear Suit

  • Thermal class D; 2 hours in watertemp <10°C without lining
  • Thermal class B; 4 hours in watertemp <2°C with lining

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