Halcyon Military Wing 55lbs
Halcyon Military Wing 55lbs
Halcyon Military Wing 55lbs

Halcyon Military Wing 55lbs


Halcyon Rescue wing designed for and by rescue divers

The best wing for use with the Interspiro system that we have in stock. We developed this BCD system specifically for use by public safety divers, military divers and commercial divers using the Interspiro diving system. We believe Halcyon makes the highest quality wings on the market.

To design the BCD system we used the Halcyon Explorer 55 wing as our base model and added reinforcements in certain areas to make sure it could withstand a 5+ meter high jump. As well as withstand the toughest conditions that could be thrown at it. We used a bungee system that is also easily user replaceable to keep down time to a minimum.

  • 55 LB Horseshoe type wing
  • Integrated User replaceable bungee system
  • Reinforced attachment points
  • Dual dump valves
  • Off center inflator hose for better fit with Interspiro tanks
  • Available in any colour by request  

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