Seacrewsader 275N Solas
Seacrewsader 275N Solas
Seacrewsader 275N Solas
Seacrewsader 275N Solas
Seacrewsader 275N Solas
Seacrewsader 275N Solas
Seacrewsader 275N Solas

Seacrewsader 275N Solas


Seacrewsader 2010 227N Twin Chamber Solas Lifejacket is the right choice for workers based on offshore platforms and vessels operating under SOLAS regulation 

OEM artno
83278 Seacrewsader 275N Sprayhood u/Safety Harness       Crewsaver artno: 1143-AUTO
83292 Seacrewsader 275N Sprayhood m/Safety Harness      Crewsaver artno: 1143-AUTOH
83429 Seacrewsader 275N Sprayhood m/Fall Arrest Harness Crewsaver artno: 1143-PLUS

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Seacrewsader 275N Solas

The Seacrewsader 2010 275N Twin Chamber is designed to meet the SOLAS 2010 regulations according to MSC 81(70) as amended by MSC 200(80) and MSC 207(81). However the jacket outperforms this requirement, providing increased performance in the most demanding working environments. We have improved the body angle, mouth freeboard and face plane angles to ensure you are even safer at sea.

We have also added a new, unique inflation chamber that improves turn times while providing unrivalled comfort and support. Each chamber is fitted with two 60g CO2 cylinders, activated by UML MK5i standard automatic firing mechanisms, and a 3.5 psi relief valve to ensure full buoyancy during single or double chamber inflation.

The Seacrewsader 2010 275N Twin Chamber is designed for extreme working environments and is also suitable for abandonment purposes. The high buoyancy level provides added protection when heavy work gear and clothing is worn. The new, more compact cover is constructed from a robust fabric to withstand the most arduous conditions without damage to the lifejacket and internal bladders. 


  • Twin chamber 275N MSC 200 (80)/ SOLAS approved lifejacket
  • Also approved to ISO 12402-2 275N lifejacket for harsh conditions
  • The chamber outperforms the minimum requirements in the standards with at least 290N buoyancy
  • Waist adjustment buckle at the side, ensures swift donning - essential in harsh conditions
  • Double crotch straps for safety
  • Suitable for use with most immersion and abandonment suits, subject to compatibility testing
  • Uses 2 x 60g cylinders on symmetrical inflation chambers
  • All variants fitted with sprayhood
  • Fall arrest and deck safety  harness options
  • UML Mk5i inflation mechanism
  • EXOLOK provides a clear indication if the cylinder moves, becomes unscrewed or is tampered with
Seacrewsader 275N with Safety Harness

Actionbilde Seacrewsader 2010

EXOLOK demonstration

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For shipping & offshore
Type of PFD/class
Inflatable lifejacket 275N Solas
Area of application
Offshore Wind Energy
Minimum 290N
Waistbelt max 175 cm - min 75 cm
Fit / Ergonomics
Fusion 3D Design
Reflective material
IMO Solas
Bladder construction
Symmetrical with chin support
Firing mechanism
Water activated, UML Auto MK 5 x 2
Buddy line
Emergency light
IMO Solas, water activated
Deck Safety Harness
Yes, with stainless steel buckle and D-ring on optional variant
Plastic buckle with quick release functionality
Stainless steel buckle
Cover closure
Zipper with Quick Burst functionality
Yes, IMO with IMO suit
60g CO₂ (2 pcs)
Service interval (standard)
1 year
Certifications SOLAS lifejacket
Crotch strap
Inflatable bladder
Waist belt min-max length
Min 75 cm - max 175 cm
Fall Arrest Harness
Yes, on optional variant

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