Halo Aircrew Lifejacket
Halo Aircrew Lifejacket
Halo Aircrew Lifejacket
Halo Aircrew Lifejacket
Halo Aircrew Lifejacket
Halo Aircrew Lifejacket
Halo Aircrew Lifejacket
Halo Aircrew Lifejacket
Halo Aircrew Lifejacket
Halo Aircrew Lifejacket

Halo Aircrew Lifejacket


This lifejacket delivers a synergetic triad of comfort, style and safety performance. The ergonomic design is tailored to reduce interference with associated equipment, so aircrew duties can be completed unhindered and in comfort.

Standard Item is configured as follows: Single Chamber with EBS pocket (left) and accessory pocket (right)

OEM Artno: S1-00031012

Halo Aircrew Lifejacket

We have used industry feedback and competitor analysis to carefully develop our Halo Aircrew Lifejackets and compatible equipment such as emergency breathing system and crew suits. Working with key stakeholders, we have designed a bespoke system with a range of new and improved safety features as well as retaining the key elements that received positive feedback on our previous equipment offering.

Halo is manufactured by Crewsaver, - a world leader in the development of inflatable lifejackets for the most demanding tasks.


  • Reduced bulk and weight around the neck and shoulders, combined with Fusion 3D technology for increased comfort
  • Open chest and back paneling accommodate various harness types
  • Optional Emergency Breathing System (EBS) with 310 bar cylinder provides you with 80% more breathable air than standard
  • Customisable configuration of accessory pocket to suit your operation’s preference
  • Crotch strap (double), detachable; - not mandatory in regular use
  • Sculpted bladder design (Fusion 3D) enhances in-water performance and maneuverability
  • Built in inflatable chin support for airway protection
  • Sprayhood for protection of airways; - can be deployed over crew helmets and headsets
  • Optional accessory pocket for multiple equipment available
  • Available with double chambered bladder and double inflation system
  • EBS and accessory pocket may be placed either side according to preferences
  • Approved ETSO 2C503 C13F as a Helicopter Crew Lifejacket
  • Compatible with 1000S Helicopter Crew/Passenger Suits 
  • Compatible with HALO Crew EBS certified EN 4856:2018
Halo Aircrew in combo with 1000S Crew Suit

More Info


Type of PFD/class
Inflatable lifejacket 275N
Area of application
Helicopter Crew
Minimum 275N
Waist - both sides
Fit / Ergonomics
Fusion 3D Design
Reflective material
IMO Solas
Bladder construction
Symmetrical with chin support
Firing mechanism
Manual, UML Micro
Sprayhood with room for helmet/headset
Lifting becket/loop
Yes. double
Emergency light
ETSO, water activated
Plastic buckle with quick release functionality
Cover closure
Zipper with Quick Burst functionality
Yes, ETSO with ETSO suit
60g CO₂ (1 pc)
Service interval (standard)
1 year
Certifications ETSO
ETSO 2C504 (Helicopter lifejacket)
2,20 kg single chamber/2,55 kg double chamber
Crotch strap
Double detachable - optional use
Inflatable bladder

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