We are delighted to share the news that Survitec has established a new U.S. Offshore Wind Hub in Rhode Island.

The global offshore wind market is set for significant growth, with the current 29 GW capacity jumping to 234 GW by 2030. There has already been a seismic shift in the U.S., where offshore wind power is planned to become the primary renewable energy source for the country over the next ten years.

Mads Enemark Nørgreen, Head of U.S. Offshore Wind at Survitec – “Our new location in Rhode Island will be our flagship ‘U.S. Offshore Wind Hub’. Now, our customers in the region will have better access to the most advanced Survival Technology solutions, including our popular offshore PPE rental program.”

Survitec has been putting offshore wind very much forefront of our business development strategy. Our recent investment into our new Rhode Island site and the acquisition of Hansen Protection is indicative of that commitment.

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