Underwater scooter SUEX XJ VR

Underwater scooter SUEX XJ VR


New model from SUEX, perfect for diving. An easy entrance ticket for those who want to expand the dive area! A sports diving version that has sufficient power, good burning time and looks cool. The SUEX mentions VR is a recreational scooter.

While the SUEX's more expensive XJ14, XJ37 and XK models are aimed at wreck and cave diving, they have created a sports diving version that has sufficient power, good burning time and looks cool. The SUEX mentions VR is a recreational scooter, as it has a body that does not tolerate the same depths and the choice of two speeds. For technical / cave diving, you often want to have stepless adjustment of speed. This is because you want to adjust your speed to the team so you don't have to start / stop so many times during a dive. With 100 minutes of burning time at max speed (150 minutes at cruising speed, 45m/min), it will normally last for two-three dives of about 60min, considering that you do not drive the scooter on the max all the way.

    1. The biggest problem area on a scooter and the most expensive fault / damage repair is leaks through the shaft. SUEX's design on this implementation is the most robust and fail safe solution on the market.
    2. The SUEX's patented system for mounting the scooter without the "hasps / latches" is very practical in use, more robust than traditional designs with latches and is a more reliable "close and lock" mechanism than comparable options.
    3. The SUEX scooters have a brilliant balancing system and come factory-finished and balanced for salt water. When the scooter is to be used in fresh water, the system allows you to configure the balancing on a standardized and fully prepared way that takes less than 30 seconds to perform.
    4. The scooter has sufficient power to effectively tow double diver 12 and one stage.


    • Color: Black
    • Battery: Lithium
    • Burning time: 100-150 minutes (maximum speed / regular cruising speed)
    • Construction: Technopolymer / Polycarbonate
    • Speed: 65 meters per minute (20kg / N 200 static thrust)
    • Max depth: 101 meters
    • Weight (w / batteries): 16.5kg

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