Flame Resistant Wool Baselayer Set
Flame Resistant Wool Baselayer Set
Flame Resistant Wool Baselayer Set
Flame Resistant Wool Baselayer Set

Flame Resistant Wool Baselayer Set

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Functional, protective two-piece base layer with flame resistant properties

Material in set is tested to EN ISO 15025:2016 Limited Flame Spread

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The mixture of merino wool and modacrylic makes the garment flame resistant, thick, durable and well insulating. Loops on the inside help maintain a steady body temperature when working out on the coldest days. The garments are soft and comfortable against the skin. Wool insulates even if wet and resistant to body odor. A garment that is perfect for tough conditions. Can be washed in 60 ° C wool wash.

Composition: 70% Wool (Merino) 30% Modacrylic (Kanecaron)

Fabric weight: 220 g/m2

Wool fiber diameter: 20.5 μ m

Knit: Terry knitted loops inside


  • Protection against flame - Limited flame spread (EN ISO 15025:2016 Method A)
  • Naturally resistant to melting or dripping, inherent. Test report no. 5180506-2 rev.1.
  • Color fastness to artificial light (EN ISO 105-B02: 2014): min. 4
  • Color fastness to washing (EN ISO 105-C12: 2004): min. 3
  • Color fastness to sweat (EN ISO 105-E04: 2013): min. 3
  • Color fastness to rubbing (EN ISO 105-X12: 2016): min. 3
  • Determination of spirality (ISO 16322-3: 2005, ISO 15797: 2004): Does not exceed 5%
  • Determination of dimensional change during washing and drying (ISO 5077: 2007): Max. +/- 8%
  • Washing and drying procedures for textile testing (EN ISO 6330: 2012):
    Wash at 60 °C (6N) - Tumble dryer 50 °C

Flame resistant base layer should always be worn under outerwear with at least heat/flame resistant protective performance levels. For a complete protection you will need to wear additional personal protective equipment for your hands, feet and face.

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Wool/modacrylic (70/30) 220 g/m2
990 Black
Flame Resistance
Limited flame spread EN ISO 15025:2016 Method A

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