Protective Rainwear

Protective Rainwear

Hansen Protection designs, manufactures and sells protective rainwear tailored for a wide range of industries. The company’s protective rainwear products are divided into four segments: Basic protective rainwear, High-visibility protective rainwear, Flame retardant and electric ARC resistant rainwear and Insulated protective rainwear.

Basic protective rainwear is designed to keep users dry and functional for work, with no extra specifications or technical features. These products are mainly used within agriculture, forestry, fisheries, construction and manufacturing.

Flame retardant and electric ARC resistant rainwear is designed for use in more hazardous environments and to comply with specific requirements and regulations. These products are primarily used by employees in the oil and gas, wind and general industries where there is a risk for undesired electric ARC and fire.

High-visibility protective rainwear is designed to be highly visible and comply with specific demands and regulations for such functions. These products are primarily used in the construction industry.

Insulated protective rainwear provides thermal insulation to keep users warm. These products are often used as a supplement to other rainwear, thus having multiple technical features such as flame resistant and/or high-visibility in addition to being insulated. These products are used across several sectors.

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