Halo Aircrew EBS
Halo Aircrew EBS
Halo Aircrew EBS

Halo Aircrew EBS


Compressed air emergency breathing system specially developed for crew onboard helicopters

OEM Artno: 12727009

Halo Crew EBS

Personal emergency breathing system made to the latest standards within helicopter safety for passengers and pilots/crew. With a 0,32l cylinder and 310 bar pressure this sytem provide almost 100 litres of breathable air. 


  • Cylinder in carbon composite material with 0,32 liter 
  • Lightweight system - less than 1,0 kg
  • 310 bar pressure provides approximately 100 litres of breathable air
  • First stage regulator protected with rubber cap for longevity
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece with metal nose clip from Makefast that fits most noses
  • Gauge with colour codes and units
  • Certified in accordance with EN 4856:2018 EBS 
  • Compatible with:
    - Halo Aircrew Lifejacket 


Colour coded gauge with clear BAR-units. Green indicator between 310 - 280 bar which exceeds the new 50 litre minimum standard which equates 157 bar on the gauge face  

More Info


Cylinder: Composite
First stage regulator: Aluminium
Cylinder size/material
0,32 l / carbon composite
310 bar / 99 litres air
Other certifications
EN 4856:2023 EBS Emergency Breathing System
Diameter cylinder: 68 mm
Height total system: 23 cm
Hose length: 50 cm
0,95 kg
Nose clip
Stored on the EBS-hose by the second stage, flexible

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