Adventures Light Marker
Adventures Light Marker
Adventures Light Marker

Adventures Light Marker


Lightweight and durable safety signal light. May be attached to a lifejacket or buoyancy aid, and other places where a signal light is needed.

This safety light is the most compact, lightweight and durable safety & signal light available on the market. The light is easily attached to a lifejacket or floating vest, but may also be attached to other equipment. The light is clearly visible in the dark and you will be able to see objects or colleagues on a long distance (up to 5km). The amount of light is moderate, and does not cause loss of night vision. Expected life time, when following the manufacturer's recommendations with service and maintenance, is a minimum of 5 years. The light is water resistant up to 90m depth and has a run time of about 100 hours.


Range: approx. 5km

Technique: Ultra-slim ultra LED diode with a burn time of over 100,000 hours

Withstands tough and rough treatment

Waterproof to 90m

Functional in extreme cold and high heat (-40 ° C to + 40 ° C)

Supplied with battery

Supplied with a flexible base for attachment to PFD or other equipment

Size: L 4cm x B 3cm x H 2.5cm (4cm with fastening)

Standard colour: Red

Also available in the colors: White, Blue and Green

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